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Spiderman 180mg MDMA

Ecstasy, on the other hand, is a street term for pills or capsules sold as MDMA. While ecstasy can contain MDMA, it is also often adulterated with other, more dangerous drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, fentanyl, or other opioids. Assuming, of course, the ecstasy actually contains any MDMA at all. According to a pharmacist at Healthline, MDMA takes about an hour to 90 minutes to kick in after it’s swallowed.



Spiderman 180mg MDMA – Where to buy S Beans online?

Spiderman 180mg MDMA, Came across these pills over the holiday weekend from a reliable source and my buddies and I decided to have a small vibey house roll. I’ve rolled my fair share of times but not so much in the last couple years. The last time I dosed was approximately ‘2 months ago’ (with a Pink Hello Kitty) so my tolerance is on the low side and my serotonin (hopefully) on the better side :). 9:55 – Drop the second half. I like to take the other half at this point because it typically extends my plateau. Effects are definitely increasing at this point. I look at my phone screen and it’s ‘super’ bright and the time is getting difficult to read; kinda have to hold my phone further away because i’m starting to get those eye-wiggles :). Sense of euphoria is becoming apparent and the good vibes are definitely there everyone’s having a good time.

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Red / Pink


MDMA / Ecstasy


Zurich, Switzerland


180mg+ MDMA


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