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Purple Tesla Pills

Purple Tesla Pills 275mg MDMA, Buy Yellow Tesla Pill

The ecstasy high can be a pleasurable experience for the user—from increased sensory perception and empathic feelings toward others, to feeling energized and happy 1, 2.



Purple Tesla Pills, Yellow Tesla Pill, Blue Tesla Pill 2019

Purple Tesla Pills 275mg MDMA, or 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, is a synthetic drug with both amphetamine stimulant properties and mild hallucinogenic effects. It is the primary psychoactive agent found in many ecstasy tablets; however, ecstasy pills are rarely pure MDMA—instead, the illicit manufacture of ecstasy pills commonly involves combining MDMA with other substances like caffeine, amphetamines, cocaine, ketamine, or opioids 1. Ecstasy is commonly taken in party environments due to its euphoric, empathy-inducing, energizing high 1, 2.

Often, ecstasy comes in pressed pill form which some users crush up into a powder for snorting. Snorting ecstasy can cause the effects to peak sooner for the user, but it may also increase the risks associated with use.

Is Snorting Molly Dangerous?

Snorting ecstasy can cause the effects to come on faster and have a shorter, more intense peak. Different ways of taking drugs affect how quickly the drug reaches the brain, and snorting is one of the quickest 3. The faster a drug reaches the brain, the faster the rewarding effects are induced, and the more likely the user is to develop an addiction 3.

When swallowed, the effects of ecstasy can be felt around 30-45 minutes after dosing 1, 4. Snorting the drug will cause these effects to arise more quickly and to be felt more intensely, increasing the risks associated with use. This is not to mention the potential damage done to the user’s nasal passages, sinuses, airways, and oropharynx (i.e., mouth and throat).


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