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Fentanyl Pills “Have you ever heard of fentanyl?” the distributor asked. He walked Buemi through the basics: Just sprinkle fentanyl into heroin or a batch of counterfeit prescription pills, and the potency — and the street value — increases enormously. Unlike heroin, cocaine or marijuana, the distributor explained, fentanyl didn’t require farmland, crops, sunshine, rain or field hands. It was made in a lab and was easy to synthesize from a few ingredients. Cheap, highly addictive and easy to move, fentanyl was a drug trafficker’s dream. It was also deadly. The distributor told Buemi that he had put some of a heroin-fentanyl mixture into a friend’s needle. Almost as soon as his friend injected, the man overdosed and died. It was the friend’s fault, the distributor added — he had been drunk and high when he took it.

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Fentanyl (Buccal)




Pfizer Inc


800 mcg



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Narcotic analgesics


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