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Bk mdma

Pure MDMA—meaning there are no different substances in it—is not the good drug to make. MDMA may take some of the same results as different stimulants like cocaine and amphetamines.



Is Methylone like Molly | Bk MDMA buy

Bk MDMA (also called “ 3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylcathinone “, “MDMC “, “ Methylone ” and by this slang period “ M1 “) is the empathogen and stimulating hallucinogenic drug. It is a part of that substituted amphetamine, replaced cathinone and substituted methylenedioxyphenethylamine courses. About one month ago I purchased some Molly (powder non capsule) and I snorted about what could take 2 capsules.

When I had the first blow it immediately struck me but I went outside and smoked the blunt of marijuana. I thought somewhat messed up but it was cold away and I was going that chills that shivers were getting my heart beat fairly fast and I thought I was getting to have a heart attack or something. After I got Dow a bit I went to that nightclub where I was designing to leave and as I walked from the car to this nightclub I had that chills again and my heart started beating pretty fast again. Once I went inside I fell down and got some more.

See that? Nice trick. Methylone is a “toxic street drug” while apparently ‘molly’ is no such thing. Bzzzt, wrong. Methylone and Bk MDMA are the same category of thing. Recreational drugs obtained from sources of dubious quality. Trying to distinguish one as a “toxic street Bk mdma” as different from the other is silly and nonsensical. New York club kids who use the party drug Molly … are often being peddled deadly “bath salts” by ruthless dealers,…The dangerous narcotic — which causes a violent, meth-like high — has killed at least one reveler this year and is being eyed in the deaths of two partiers at the Electric Zoo festival on Randall’s Island two weeks ago…Known to drug regulators as methylone

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Bk mdma



★CAS Number:

186028-79-5 ☒ 191916-41-3

★ Formula:


★ Molar mass:

207.23 g/mol g·mol−1


99.8% Pure


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